About Fetish Dating Agency

A fetish is in reality nothing more then a fantasy, a simple or yet sometimes more complex fantasy, going from roleplay to clothing, going from crosdressing to milking, going from lactation to diapering, and a lot more.

Fetishes can be simple, naughty and kinky, but most of the time, those fetishes even as simple as they are can be difficult to be fulfilled. And even when you think of getting a date that is the perfect one, often dissapoints you, just because it is too commercial, or just not provided with the heart, without passion, without sincere enjoument from the other side…

And this os what the Oxygen Fetish dating service is all about: you will get the real thing, the real date that truely enjoys the activity herself, and is even not ready to provide any other service!

Just because of this reason the Oxygen Fetish providers will not be working in our other activities, they only focus on this activity.